Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

Big Fish vs Little Fish

It seems that when someone starts their organization, they most dream of getting their first LARGE donation from that one wealthy client. What an accomplishment right?


Catching a “The Big Fish” means that you will reach your fundraising goal a lot quicker. It’s an accomplishment when you realize that your cause has attracted the attention of someone who has a lot of money to donate towards it. The satisfaction one feels when this happens is incredible!

I mean they just donated $40,000 that fantastic isn’t it? Yes, it really is!!! However, if we get comfortable with the large donors, we position ourselves to be ungrateful for the smaller donations, and actually set ourselves up for future disappointment.

Little Fish:

The “Little Fish” donors often seems less attractive, and sometime less appreciated. Why is that? well when an organization has a large goal to meet, It, seems like a lot of little donation might not make a difference. AS for me; although I appreciate all donations, I am actually partial to the “Little Fish ” donors. Although it takes a lot more of them to reach the goal it is good to know that there are a lot of people who interested in our cause, and willing to support it.

The “Little Fish” will generally donate more than once which means that they will likely participate in more than one fundraiser, and they will follow what your organization is doing. They will likely get their associates involved in different events as well. The “Little Fish” is along for the ride, not just the tax donation.

So, when I think of donors for our organization, I have found the “Little Fish” are really the ones that sustain us and are generally around for the long run.

Everyone needs to figure out what the best fit for their organization is, which is really determined by the current need; as well as the long-term goal.

Remember “Every” donor is important, and every donation is appreciated. However, when building an organization, you need to know which type of donor is really the lifeline of your organization.

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