Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

Does Providing Good Customer Service Mean I Answer Every Call?

I am a one person shop, and answering calls is challenging at times. Well, you are running a business, and if you have clients, then there are many times when you may not be available to answer current or potential clients phone calls. So…what do you do?

Here are a few ways to give GOOD customer service, even when you are unavailable.

  • Make sure you have a professional greeting on your phone requesting specific information, and giving specific information in return.
    • “Hi, we’re sory we missed your call, however if you received this message this indicates that we are currently assisting other client/customers. Please leave a brief message including name and phone number and one of our customer service representatives will return your call generally within 24 – 48hours.
  • Once someone leaves a message make sure that you return their call within the timeframe that you stated. Make sure you get as much information from them regarding the reason for their call without them leaving a novel. This allows you to be prepared with a response when you return their call, and not have to spend a lot of time on the phone.
  • Make sure that you control the flow of the conversation without being rude. Always keep in mind that time is money, and every moment you are on the phone talking to someone who is just kicking the tires you are losing money, as this could be time better spent in your company.
  • Know when to conclude the conversation, and how to conclude the conversation. When you have been talking to somone for a length of time, and they seem to be asking the same question in different ways expecting a differnt answer, know that it is time to conclude the conversation.
  • So, how do you do that; and still be professional? You, politely summarize the conversation and end with a statement similar to this. “I hope this information was helpful; if there’s nothing else, you have a great afternoon, and I look forward to doing business with you, having you as a client or something like that.

Whatever, you do ALWAYS stay professional, and don’t be manipulated!!! I hope this helps someone, comment below.

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