Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

Should Be Using Text Marketing?

As a organization owner, you are aware that getting the word out about your product or service can be a daunting and challenging task. You can cold call, send mail pieces, send email blast, and still the open rate sucks after you put so much work into ensuring that you had the perfect marketing piece.

This is why TEXT marketing works….According to statics there were 5.2 Billion robo calls made in February 2019. So no matter how great your product or service is, or who it helps if you can’t get your message to them because they are refusing to pick up the phone or return your call oncethey hear your message; you are leaking money.

Because of this many small business struggle to connect with their customer, you don’t have to be one of them. So, using text messaging provides a GREAT advantage. ” A study carried out has shockingly found that Americans look at their phone on average 52 times a day. This means amongst an estimated 270 million Americans, we are viewing our smartphones about 14 billion times per day.”

This means that reaching your current customer, and potential client is dramatically increase with the use of text messaging. Most people don’t pick up the phone the phone with numbers that they don’t recognize the number. This accounts for 84% of people never hearing your message. However, it’s been proven that most people will look at a “Text Message” imm ediately.

Text messaging provides instant engagement with your potential client/customer or current client customer. If you are a restaurant, clothing store, nail spa, florist, baker, pizzeria the list goes on; any of these industries can get a flood of customers coming in their door just by offering a special offer through text for redemption. This one thing can turn a seemingly awful sales day into a Good day if not a GREAT day.

The truth is that many of your clients or potential clients no longer have a landline. I am sure you can see the benefits of using text messaging to your clI know what you’re thinking that “Text Messaging” is pricey. You’re right sometimes it can be. However, for a limited time we will run a text campaign for you for up to 1,000 subscribers once a week every month for just $135.00 to start and $67/mo. CLICK HERE to get started.

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